Klaus Brill represents manufacturers on Executive Committee

22nd May 2017

The Coalition is delighted to announce that Mr. Klaus Brill, the Vice President of Global HealthCare Programs at Bayer AG in Berlin, was recently elected and confirmed as the first Manufacturers’ Representative on the RHSC...

New Pregnancy Test Resource Offers Procurers Guidance on Quality

22nd May 2017

A new resource offers procurement groups guidance on quality standards and performance specifications for pregnancy tests. The document, “Quality and Performance Guidance on Selection of Pregnancy Tests for Procurement,” was...

New webinar asks: what influence do young people have on trials and development of contraceptive methods?

3rd April 2017

Young people are not generally sidelined or excluded from clinical trials of existing contraceptive methods The University of Chicago’s Professor Melissa Gilliam explained to 40 webinar participants recently

Categories: Delivering on Promises

Coalition-funded research on impact of stockouts published in Guttmacher journal

3rd April 2017

Women facing stockout situations in Uganda experienced stress, increased costs, domestic conflict, and unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, a Coalition-funded qualitative study carried out by Ibis Reproductive Health has found

Categories: Addressing Stockouts

How much product? New UNCOLSC resource helps forecast commodity needs

20th March 2017

Participants in a recent webinar were introduced to a new resource to help forecast the need for 13 underused reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health commodities.

Categories: Maternal Health Supplies Caucus