Girls on the Move

At a glance

30 Young Women

Kisumu, Kenya

How long?
12 Months

The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) and Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) are proud to announce the launch of Girls on the Move—an ambitious new effort to introduce young women to a career in public health supply chain management.

Supply chains serving health and humanitarian programs need a diverse workforce that will understand—and cater to—the complex needs and aspirations of everyone, regardless of their gender. Today, there is an urgent need to increase the number of women in logistics so that women’s needs are better served.

The “Girls on the Move” program will introduce 30 young women to career opportunities in the supply chain sector in Kenya.

Supported by RHSC, PSA will implement a 12-month pilot program in Kisumu, Kenya. The program will undertake the following:  

  1. Design an internship/work placement program for recent female graduates
  2. Equip program participants with the skills and training needed for successful work placement
  3. Frame an initiative to scale up the “Girls on the Move” program model into other Kenyan counties and possibly other countries.

Participants will receive an eight-month placement in public- or private-sector agencies, such as aid organisations, commercial airlines, logistics companies, banks, and hospitals.

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