Innovation Exposition / Exposition des Innovations

Premiering at the Brussels meeting, the Innovations Exposition is a forum showcasing the cutting-edge work of our members. Partners will present exciting and innovative approaches to improving access to RH supplies. The Expo will be available on Wednesday afternoon 21 March during the coffee break. Exposition stands will remain up through the end of the meeting at midday on Thursday 22 March. Come along to get a visual, hands-on understanding of some of the Coalition’s most groundbreaking work!

GAME ON: Build capacity with a fun, engaging SCM digital game

JSI's inSupply Project

Join us to play a round of the Health Supply Chain Management game using your phone and tablet and compete with your fellow attendees to build your supply chain management knowledge and qualify to win prizes. Understand how easy it is to participate in gaming for health to acquire new knowledge and upgrade skills and share your ideas for the next supply chain game you'd like to see!

Equity for Adolescents


CCPF for Adolescents (CCPF— a Chichewa language acronym for Health Center by Phone) aims to improve youth access to reproductive health commodities and sexual and reproductive health services using a national health hotline call center, health facility partnerships and supply chain management support. Participants will learn key insights for adapting a comprehensive approach to expanding youth access to RHCs and creating interventions to fit the developmental needs of adolescents.

Meeting Unmet Contraceptive Need with Fertility Apps: Dot & CycleBeads

Cycle Technologies, Inc.

Fertility apps can provide women with effective contraceptive options that meet their needs for side effect-free family planning, accessible completely through their mobile devices.  Learn about extensive research on efficacy and impact of two modern fertility awareness apps – Dot and CycleBeads. 

The Safe Delivery App

Maternity Foundation 

At our stand, we will showcase the Safe Delivery App developed to strengthen maternal healthcare by providing life-saving information and guidance to handle emergencies in pregnancy and childbirth even in the most remote settings. As the Safe Delivery App is designed for low-literacy, low-income settings and work offline once downloaded, it can be used as training tool to strenghten local health infrastructure and as an instructive aid in emergencies to save women from dying from complications in pregnancies or childbirth. 

Young People Improving Contraceptive Availability for their Peers

Women Deliver

Young people themselves are effective experts in and advocates for their own sexual and reproductive health and rights – but they need resources to make an impact. Women Deliver’s model of providing a combination of technical and financial support enables young people to engage and influence the programs and policies so they are effective and responsive to young people.

Menstrual Cups, Goats and Midwives

WoMena Uganda 

WoMena’s stand will showcase the different menstrual management methods available in Uganda including the menstrual cup (Ruby Cup) and the different models used to expand access of menstrual cups in Uganda through the Menstrual Cups Market Accessibility Project (MCMAP). This will include video footage of field activities and display of different information communication materials used during the implementation of the project. People visiting the stall will have the opportunity to interact with locally available menstrual management methods and training materials. 


Collaboration of RHSC, USAID and WDI (William Davidson Institution)

We will showcase a brand new, open-access resource, MARKET BOOKSHELF.  This website is designed to provide the global health community with a 'one stop destination' to share and search for market analyses and other market-oriented documents.


CEDES and Fundación Huesped

#Donde (#Where) #Dónde is a webapp designed to overcome some of the difficulties accessing SRH information and services in Argentina. it considers users as active citizens and not only consumers. It is innovative in its approach for information gathering: in addition to secondary sources, members of the community feed data into the platform. This is a comprehensive and sustainable approach with the potential to achieve great social impact by prompting the community to take ownership 

Reproductive Health Innovations at the Community Level

Gynuity Health Projects

There are a flurry of new and exciting technologies coming down the line that aim to improve reproductive health. Come see a demonstration of two such technologies: the condom uterine balloon tamponade and a multi-level pregnancy test.

Product innovation: Everything you want to know about DMPA-SC

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, John Snow, Inc., PATH & Pfizer

Come find out what we are learning about the introduction and scale up of DMPA-SC/Sayana Press. There will be representatives from donors, Pfizer, and implementing partners to answer questions members have on the product or program rollout and resources in English and French.

Nivi - a woman's digital RH assistant

Nivi, Inc.

Nivi is the first digital contraceptive screening and referral service in East Africa geared specifically towards health consumers. Nivi is unique in its ability to use data on women’s contraceptive preferences and behavior to bring efficiency and transparency to family planning markets, help women to make informed choices, and give healthcare providers, governments, and industry new insights and tools for advancing public health and engaging consumers on a more personal level.

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