Systems Strengthening Working Group

The Systems Strengthening Working Group aims to strengthen the global, regional, and country systems needed to ensure reliable and predictable reproductive health (RH) supplies.  It works to ensure that these systems are better aligned, more data-driven, and more coordinated. Topics included under the Working Group are the identification, design, and implementation of new funding mechanisms for RH supplies, as well as better systems for forecasting, warehousing, distribution, and information management.

Defining the concept of stockouts

After a two year consultative process engaging countless members of the community to develop a harmonized suite of indicators to measure contraceptive stockouts, the reference sheets and final report from this momentous effort are available here.

Effective action in unexpected situations

The CARhs is a crucial information-sharing and supply-balancing mechanism that provides a safety net for when contraceptive supply emergencies arise and serves as an information-sharing mechanism between donors and countries. In 2014, CARhs addressed a total of 202 separate supply issues. Learn more

A Business Approach to Transforming Public Health Supply Systems

The brief is centered on the theme that governments must see themselves as stewards who guide and provide governance for functioning supply systems but who must also embrace the diversity of supply chains and the players involved.

Rationalizing Global Procurement amidst constrained global production

CSP improves supply chain coordination for family planning commodities earlier in the procurement process by working through continuous, collaborative development of forecasts and supply plans amongst the major donors and the countries they support.



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Innovation Fund

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