Technical product briefs

The technical briefs are a series of publications, written by members of the Caucus on New and Underused Reproductive Health Technologies.

Contraceptive ImplantsEnglishFrenchSpanish
Emergency contraceptive pills EnglishFrenchSpanish
Female condomEnglishFrenchSpanish
Levonorgestrel Intrauterine SystemEnglishFrenchSpanish
Magnesium sulfateEnglishFrenchSpanish
Manual vacuum aspirationEnglishFrenchSpanish
Mifepristone and misoprostol for medical abortionEnglishFrenchSpanish
Misoprostol for maternal healthEnglishFrenchSpanish
Pregnancy tests for family planningEnglishFrenchSpanish
Progesterone vaginal ringEnglishFrenchSpanish
A Forecasting Guide for New & Underused Methods of Family Planning: What to Do When There Is No Trend Data?

A Forecasting Guide for New and Underused Methods

This guide provides direction to programs that want to forecast for new and underused methods (NUMs) of family planning.

Download the guide