Reproductive Health Financing workstream

The RH Financing work stream focusses on the broader scope of financing issues related to reproductive health supplies. Different activities are happening on national, regional and international level:

  • Convene global and national CSOs for joint action to ensure that the design and implementation of the Global Financing Facility delivers additional resources for reproductive health supplies
  • Monitor ODA trends for government donors and implications for funding for reproductive health supplies and identify any joint advocacy opportunities
  • Monitor funding for UNFPA Supplies and ensuring additional funding for reproductive health supplies in 3 countries
  • Identify new trends in development financing, and identify opportunities for joint action to call for investment in reproductive health supplies

Last Mile advocacy workstream

This group will work on strengthening policies that increase the availability of a full range of quality reproductive health supplies on the shelves in the clinics, pharmacies and hospitals, or in the hands of community health workers. This involves global advocacy with pharmaceuticals to continue reducing contraceptive prices, while at national level – striving to engage all those concerned to address barriers to access at the last mile.

RH supplies in humanitarian settings workstream

The Reproductive Health Supplies in Humanitarian Settings workstream is a collaboration between the Inter-Agency Working Group on Reproductive Health in Crisis (IAWG) and the RHSC Advocacy and Accountability Working Group (AAWG) that focusses on improving access to reproductive health supplies in humanitarian settings.

More than 33 million women and girls of reproductive age worldwide require humanitarian assistance. Crisis and forced displacement often disrupt access to reproductive health supplies, which leads to an increased risk of unintended pregnancies, maternal mortality and morbidity, and unsafe abortion. At the same time, studies show that many women want to space or limit pregnancies following displacement.

The Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings workstream wants to see a strong response to the reproductive health supply needs of women and girls affected by crises and will focus on:

  • Leveraging RHSC’s extensive experience in improving supply chains and IAWG’s vast expertise in humanitarian settings
  • Identifying and addressing global needs to improve SRH supplies across humanitarian settings
  • Strengthening the transitions from emergency supply chains back to sustainable supply chains as soon as a crisis stabilizes
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