Getting started in Supply Chain Management Video Series

With support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition is working to guide young people into careers in the supply chain field and in so doing, helping them become the supply leaders of tomorrow. The Coalition has tapped into its pool of expert partners, asked them the burning questions, and has distilled that experience into a four-episode video series. 

Episode 1: A career in supply chain management

What are supply chains and how do they make our world work? Do you have a future working in supply chain management? Get advice from experts in the field and let us help you take that step into a career of your dreams.

Episode 2: Do I have what it takes?

University education or on-the job training? Soft skills or supply management strengths? Academic training or professional qualifications? How do you enter a career in supply chain management, and have you got what it takes?

Episode 3: Women in Supply Chain Management - Is there a place for me?

Supply chain management has traditionally been a male-dominated profession. Only 37% of the workforce is female and women hold only 14% of executive roles. This fascinating episode of the LAPTOP video series asks “Why?” and “What can be done?”. Seven veterans in the field offer practical tips for women to break into the profession and thrive in it.

Episode 4: Why not me? Can I make a difference as a Supply Chain Manager?

Studied law? Journalism? Software engineering? Architecture? These can all be great first steps to a career in supply chain management. That is the encouraging and welcoming message eight supply chain veterans share in this fourth and final episode of the RHSC’s inaugural LAPTOP Video series. We even hear of the surprising leap one logistician made after studying theology. The bottom line is that supply chains are multi-faceted, allowing for a rich range of skills and talents.

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