Safe Abortion Supplies workstream

Safe Abortion Supplies workstream

Within the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC), we see the prevention of pregnancy, the termination of pregnancy, and the delivery of a newborn as critical life events shaping the reproductive health and well-being of any woman. But the safe and effective outcome of all these events hinges on the availability, choice, and affordability of quality-assured supplies.

The Safe Abortion Supplies (SAS) workstream is dedicated to increasing access to, and awareness of, high quality safe abortion supplies including mifepristone, misoprostol, manual vacuum aspiration (MVA), and combipacks. With key stakeholders and dedicated partners, this group is working to share relevant information and implement collective actions to achieve this goal.

The Secretariat support for this workstream is funded by FCDO, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, an anonymous donor, and others.

Innovation Fund Grants

Increasing access to mifepristone

Gynuity Health Projects

Award amount: $108,277

Paving the way for registration and commercialization for additional indications (New and Underused Reproductive Health Technologies Caucus). Gynuity Health Projects will support efforts to register mifepristone at country level by emphasizing its wider role as a women’s health medication, administered by providers who both do and do not offer abortion services. More indications, it is hoped, will increase sales and thus market sustainability, which could in turn generate interest from the private sector.


Andrea Fearneyhough

Director, Safe Abortion
Population Services International
Washington, DC

Petra Procter

Senior Program Manager
Concept Foundation
Geneva, Switzerland

Secretariat contact

Sarah Webb

Senior Technical Officer
Washington, DC, USA

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