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There is one thing all countries have in common: a woman’s desire to ensure her reproductive health. So much in a woman’s life can hinge on the response she gets when she arrives at the clinic or pharmacy; and so much goes into making sure that the response she receives is the right one. Will she find choice or simply empty shelves?

More than 250 experts convene in Brussels, Belgium, at the 18th General Membership Meeting of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition from 20-22 March 2018. We will focus on Her and on the kaleidoscope of activities we each pursue to improve supply chains, make quality products more available, and ensure policies are more conducive to her needs. In the face of all this activity, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of what really drives us forward – her. Let’s celebrate our efforts to support her right to contraception, the opportunities it provides, and the power it has to transform the world. Why come to Brussels? For Her.

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Get involved, even if you are not attending the meeting in person. Your support on social media can get critical messages about RH commodity security out to our stakeholders. We’re the world’s largest network of reproductive health supplies agencies, and together, we can shake things up. 

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Key Messages

  • Why is the reproductive health progress made in Francophone Africa so impressive?  #rhsupplies2018
  • F’phone Africa: greatest #reprohealth successes but troubling statistics. Experts discuss in Brussels #rhsupplies2018
  • Why is The Last Mile so in supply chains so much longer for young people? #reprohealth #rhsupplies2018
  • How do we address a $1.18 billion cumulative gap in supplies funding? #rhsupplies2018
  • I’m attending. Are you? #rhsupplies2018 
  • Why are youth #reprohealth needs so different from everyone else’s? #rhsupplies2018
  • Big news! Global data sharing to reduce stockouts. #rhsupplies2018
  • Hundreds of the world’s best minds on #reprohealth all under one roof soon, in Brussels #rhsupplies2018


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