Style guide

Style guide

Learn everything there is to know about our Identity, from e-mail signature to colour weights. Our Style Guide will guide on how to maintain our brand, with useful tips and examples.

Office templates

We've prepared a series of Office templates for Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. These can be used for reports, minutes-taking, presentations, etc. For co-branding, please consult our Style Guide for proper indications.


The Coalition logo identifies our work through a simple form. It sits at the core of our identity. Before using the logo, please consult our Style Guide, for proper indications.

  • CMYK
    When producing materials that require printing (office documents, reports, brochures, banners, etc.) Download: AI / PNG / JPG
  • RGB
    When producing materials to be viewed only on screen (PowerPoint presentation, web graphics, etc.) Download: AI / PNG / JPG


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