TXA and Heat Stable Carbetocin

The MHS Caucus during the 2019 GMM in Nepal agreed to create a TXA Workstreamthat will lead and guide members’ activities in this area.

Since the WHO PQ process can be challenging and/or expensive, the TXA Workstream of the RHSC's Maternal Health Caucus will work toward having at least two WHO PQed, affordable TXA products available for LMICs.

In order to ensure the availability of TXA in LMIC markets, the first activity of the TXA Taskforce will be to develop a draft Business Case which should  be able to answer the following questions:

  • Number of treatments needed in LMICs – scope of the market
  • Current availability – on a country basis and within segments
  • Current unmet need – what is the demonstrable gap that TXA could fill
  • Willingness/ability to pay on the part of Governments and in the private sector.
  • Level of product awareness for PPH treatment and identified need for advocacy to increase awareness

Blood products

Blood, as a supply, differs from the current focus on medicines in the MHC but fits squarely within the pillars of the RHSC. In particular, blood availability is paramount but challenging, as it is urgent in the case of a maternal health emergency. Blood availability is also subject to the same equity issues around urban/rural divides and low or high resource settings. And quality cannot be ignored, in particular with regard to the risk of pathogen transmission and transfusion reactions arising from improper cross-matching or inadequate handling.


  • Ensure the availability of high quality, affordable oral antihypertensives for pregnant women in LMICs to meet their needs.   
  • Ensure the availability of blood pressure devices for all providers/ facilities caring for pregnant women to support quality care.
  • Ensure there is a healthy market for antihypertensives and BP devices which are: available, affordable, of high quality, appropriate design and that providers and clients are aware of the right options
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