Strategy & Terms of Reference

The Coalition's work is guided by a Strategy that outlines its vision, goals and objectives for 2015-2025. The Plan provides a detailed blueprint for action, tracking progress and clarifying Coalition roles and responsibilities.

Our vision is that of a world where all people are able to access and use affordable, quality supplies, including a broad choice of contraceptive methods, needed to ensure their better sexual and reproductive health.

Our mission is to bring together a diversity of partners and mobilize their collective strengths to increase access to a full range of affordable, quality reproductive health supplies in low- and middle income countries.


The strategy described in this document outlines our manifesto for the next ten years (2015-2025).

Terms of Reference

Our terms of reference codify the governance and operating procedures of the Coalition. See the archive.

Operationalizing our workplan

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Our Principles

We add value to the activities of individual member-organizations

We do not duplicate the work of our member-organizations but rather operate with and through partners by concentrating on outcomes that no single partner could otherwise achieve on its own. We leverage the comparative strengths and funding sources of all members.

We foster greater country ownership in meeting RH supply needs

For the Coalition, “fostering ownership” means focusing on country-defined needs, supporting country-driven strategies to address those needs, and leveraging the support of the global community on behalf of countries.

We view reproductive health and rights as fundamental to ensuring equitable access to and use of RH supplies

This includes informed choice of contraceptive methods as well as improved availability of high-quality maternal health supplies.

We believe that access to supplies is a necessary but not sufficient factor to achieving better reproductive health

Although supplies are essential to ensuring reproductive health, other significant contributions are necessary, including strengthened service delivery, greater awareness/promotion, and more conducive policy environments. 

We recognize that advancing gender equality is central to progress in health and that more gender-equal societies and settings benefit everyone

For us, gender is a social construction reflecting the distribution of power between individuals, and is influenced by history, laws, policies and politics, by economic, cultural, community and family norms that shape behaviors, expectations, identities and attributes considered appropriate for all people—women and men, girls and boys, and gender-diverse people. How an individual expresses their gender identity varies across context, time, place and through the life-course. Read our statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Our pillars

Achieving our vision will not occur without certain conditions being met: that supplies actually reach those who need them most; that the supplies are affordable and within the reach of all; that supplies and products are of trusted quality; and that there is a sufficient choice of supplies to meet users’ needs. These four broad preconditions—availability, equity, quality, and choice—stand as the Pillars of our Strategy.


The availability of safe, affordable supplies that meet men’s and women’s RH needs. Supply availability is possible only when products feed into the supply chain and make their way to the point-of-distribution, where women and men can access them.


The ability of women and men to have supplies they can trust are both safe and effective. Good sexual and reproductive health depends on ensuring the quality of all reproductive health supplies.


The ability of all people to have equitable access to reproductive health supplies. Age, economic well-being, gender, and civil status all have profound implications for the kinds of supplies potential users seek and the ability of users to afford them. The barriers impeding universal access to sexual and reproductive health must be overcome.


The ability of all who seek family planning services to have a broad range of options from which to choose. An individual’s need for contraception evolves throughout his or her life cycle. Accessing the “right” contraceptive increases the likelihood reproductive health needs will be met; a mismatch, research shows, is more likely to lead to dissatisfaction, lower continuation rates, and often method failure.

Our levers of change


Offers a “safe space” where experts can leave their institutional hats at the door, while remaining focused on what they share in common.

Convening Power

Helps rapidly assemble a critical mass of supply stakeholders and champions to achieve results no partner could accomplish on its own.

Brain Trust

A large and diverse membership offers up an accessible Brain Trust.

Broker Partnerships

The ability to Broker Partnerships cuts across all sectors and regions.

Flexible Resource Base

A diverse, Flexible Resource Base makes it possible to rapidly pursue activities that may fall outside the remit of an individual donor.

Respected Name

The Coalition’s Respected Name brings credibility and trust.

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