LAPTOP Scholars

2023 (Global Round - with support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation)

Maria Rene Lopez Aguilar


In Bolivia, Maria works as an Assistant for Goods and Services at Marie Stopes.

Emmanuel Agyo


Agyo, is a pharmacist with Nasarawa State Hospitals Management board.

Liisa Anguuo


Liisa Ndapewa Anguuo is a Namibian clinical pharmacist with in-depth knowledge of medical practices seeking for an opportunity to leverage exceptional pharmaceutical care.

Tadiwanashe Guzha


Tadiwanashe Guzha is a pre registration pharmacist with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Harare Institute of Technology.

Aliyu Masa'ud Idrista


Aliyu Idris is a Superintendent Pharmacist with leading pharmaceutical distribution outlet in Kano, Nigeria and hopes to introduce measures that will improve the supply chain of medical products.

Peter Iji


Peter works in Abuja, Nigeria as a Hospital Pharmacist and Supply Chain Officer.

Limbikani Kachikunje


Limbikani is a Pharmacy Technician working as a Pharmacy Program Coordinator in the rural District of Malawi, Neno.

Nashe Tashiana Muchenje


Nashe is a custodian of medicines for the public within the Ministry of Health and Child Care of Zimbabwe

Usiju Ndai


Usiju is a Medical Store Manager with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Maves NGoshi


Maves is a Pharmaceutical Technician working as the Operations Officer for a distribution company in Zimbabwe.

Phabienne Paraison


Phabienne works as a pharmacist at the GHESKIO centers in Haiti.

Ibbih Samson


Ibbih is a pharmacist in Nigeria with The Society for Family Health, where he responsible for managing different health commodities.

Anesu B Venge


Anesu is a pharmacist with a background in regulatory affairs and vaccines, looking to improve the cold chain supply chain in Zimbabwe and the region at large.

Zerihun Zekariyas


Zerihun is a young pharmaceutical supply chain professional working at the Tirenuesh Beijing General Hospital in Ethiopia.

2023 (Latin America and the Caribbean round, with support from USAID)

Loida Acuña


Loida works for a hospital in Nicaragua, where she is in charge of the patient statistical data.

Fremont Amessuze


Fremont is a midwife from Haiti, specialized in social work.

Dieuny Bresier


In Haiti, Dieuny Bresier is a pharmacy storekeeper at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Carlos Camargo


Carlos oversees the logistics of contraceptives that are distributed in the CIES branches, all across Bolivia.

Becheny Caristil


In Haiti, Becheny works as a Logistics Data Quality Control Officer at World Vision Haiti.

Judy Castañeda


Judy is a Pharmaceutical Chemist within the Peruvian Regulatory Agency, DIGEMID, as part of the Ministry of Health of Peru.

Eddlyn Cuculista


Eddlyn works as the coordinator of the Guatemalan Network of Adolescents and Youth REDAJ.

Rochenet Josue G. Joseph


Rochenet is a Junior Coordinator at the Logistics Coordination Unit within the Ministry of Health.

Matias Fernandez de Larena


In Argentina, Matias, who is a Pharmacist by profession, serves as the Technical Director for Fundación para la Salud del Adolescente, Asociatión Civil (FUSA).

Paola Palala


Paola is a Pharmacy Manager at CIES – Salud Sexual Salud Reproductiva.

Cinthia Rioja


Cinthia works as a Pharmacy Manager for CIES – Salud Sexual Salud Reproductiva.

Jeimy Salas


Jeimy is a Quality Specialist at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories.

Jonathan Valladares


Jonathan is a logistics management IT Technician at Honduran Ministry of Health.

Jaime Villegas


Jaime is a Pharmaceutical Chemist within the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs - DIGEMID of the Ministry of Health in Peru.

2022 (with support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation)

Hubert Alofa


Hubert, a pharmacist at the National Pharmaceutical Regulation Agency of Benin, plans to improve his logistics skills in order to enhance the health supply chain system in his country.

Mary Anuoluwapo Arubuola


Mary is a public health graduate and researcher from Nigeria, interested in health equity and easy access to health services, especially on the African continent.

Lamegou Francois Badjadouna


Francois works as a supply chain data analyst in Togo where he plans to boost national supply chain systems by improving end to end data visibility for better decision making.

Nosiba Elsafi Mustafa Abd Elhaleem


Nosiba is a part-time lecturer at Elneelain University in Sudan with a keen interest in women’s health and international human rights.

Sait Malick Kebbeh


Sait is a pharmacist in Gambia with extensive experience in supply chain management and a passion to improve access to affordable and high-quality health supplies.

Shylet Kwashira


Shylet, a nurse by training, is now working as a pharmacy manager at a provincial hospital in Masvingo, Zimbabwe.

Martin Makuek

South Sudan

Martin is a cold chain logistics officer at the South Sudan Ministry of Health, where he supports the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines.

Folita Malanda


Folita, a pharmacy technician working at a rural faith-based institution in Malawi, aims to help solve the supply chain challenges in her country.

Celestine Diyen Ndam


Celestine works as a supply chain officer, helping deliver quality healthcare to vulnerable women and young people in Cameroon.

Raphael Odame


Raphael is a programme officer with the Family Health Division, Ghana Health Service. He has a keen interest in sexual and reproductive health commodity security.

Uchenna Bernadine Opara


Uchenna is a pharmacist and supply chain professional from Nigeria, passionate about bridging the supply chain gaps in her country’s public healthcare system.

Haruna Muhammad Sabo


Haruna is a warehouse pharmacist working toward optimizing logistics, transportation, distribution and warehouse management in Nigerian health supply chain management.

Genet Alemu Tirfie


Genet works as a Quantification Officer in the HIV, TB & Malaria team at the Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Agency.

2021-2022 (Latin America and the Caribbean round, with support from USAID)

Barbara Merlain Bonny


As a Logistics Advisor at UNFPA, Barbara wants to tackle the unique challenges that the health supply chain systems are facing in her own country in order to improve access that meet the needs of affected populations, especially in remote areas.

Jesica Carino


Jesica is a pharmacist in Argentina experienced in supply chain issues.

Jose Ramon Cisneros


 José has a joint degree in Pharmacy and Chemistry and works at the health ministry in Nicaragua. 

Grace Delgado


With a degree in bio-chemistry and pharmacy, Grace is a national pharmacy manager in Bolivia. 

Read her story

Riphat Demar


Riphat is a pharmacist specializing in reproductive health supply access.

Elias Enrique Garces


Elias works for CENABAST in Chile in the logistics management and distribution of health supplies to private pharmacies at affordable and regulated prices.

Jose Granados


José Antonio Granados works for PAHO/WHO in Nicaragua, as a consultant where he provides technical expertise for hospitals and Health Centers nationwide. 

Ralph Guilbaud


Ralph works as a pharmacist and health logistician for UNICEF in Haiti.

Jolinette Pierre


Jolinette is a pharmacist committed to strengthening the Logistics Management Information System of her organization to increase access to real-time stock data in Haiti.

José Enrique Ventura Pinedo


José is a pharmaceutical chemist, with experience in the public and private health supply chain sectors and in formulating public health policies.

Joseph Shellande


Joseph is a nurse at the Mirebalais University Hospital in Haiti.

Angel Saucedo Salas


Angel has worked for the last decade in the National Regulatory Agency of Bolivia, where the information of more than 3,000 first-level care establishments of the public health system is consolidated.

Sandra Pulgarin


Sandra holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and now works as a consultant for the UNFPA LACRO office. Read her story

2021 (with support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation)

Hope Fortunate Achiro


Hope is a senior pharmacist in the National Medical Stores, planning on helping fix supply chain problems so more lives can be saved. Read her story.

Olatunde Temitope Bedford-Egunjobi


Olatunde hopes to tackle the unchecked entry of substandard and falsified drugs into the national market.

Abass Hamza


Abass has a background in public health and nursing, and founded HACEP-Ghana, a youth-led organization providing SRHR services to young people.

Wesley Kukutu

Solomon Islands

Wesley is a pharmacist who plans to promote and support a resilient and sustainable health commodity supply chain in the Solomon Islands. Read his story.

Fara Emile Millimouno


Fara witnessed his country’s struggle to distribute healthcare supplies during the Ebola crisis and wants to build up national health systems.

Dr. Nancy Mucogo Njeru


Dr. Mucogo has a background in pharmacy and health economics and is keen on building resilient, efficient and responsive supply chain systems that assure value for money. Read her story.

Nkoli Lilian Nnamonu


Nkoli is a public health pharmacist contributing to SRH, WASH and supply chain management in the humanitarian sector in Nigeria, especially in the crisis-affected North Eastern regions. Read her story.

Bikila Deriba


Bikila, a supply chain expert at Ethiopian Public Health Institute, plans to improve and strengthen the national public health supply chains systems.

Prosper Comla Senamede


Comla works in humanitarian logistics; his upcoming training will also help him pilot logistics, transport and distribution operations.

Seblework Teklehaymanot


Seblework is a pharmaceutical warehouse & distribution specialist who hopes to help build up a sustainable healthcare supply system in her country.

2014 (with support from Bayer)

Clemence Matsika


This LAPTOP Scholar is today a frontline firefighter in Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 response. Read his story.

Wadhah Hubaishi


Wadhah’s LAPTOP-supported course of study immediately supported his supply chain work in war-torn Yemen. Read his story.

Other recipients included:

Numfor Alenwi Munteh


Khyber Khishki


Lebende Francois Minougu

Burkina Faso

Kouassi Abel

Cote d’Ivoire

2012 (with support from PATH)

Kossivi Afanvi


A LAPTOP scholarship helped this general practitioner and pediatrician in his work as Health Director of the Lacs District in Togo, on the Benin border. Read his story.

Simplice Kamdem


Simplice credits his course of study for the promotion that saw him manage a multi-million dollar project. Read his story.

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