Youth Caucus

Today’s generation of young people—between the age of 10 and 24—numbers slightly fewer than 1.8 billion in a world population of 7.3 billion. The highest proportion of young people today is in poor countries, where barriers to their development and fulfilment of their potential are the highest. Here, poverty is the most prevalent, access to critical health care and schooling is the lowest, and ensuring life opportunities is the most challenging. About 11% of all births worldwide are to girls aged 15 to 19 years. More than 2 million adolescents are living with HIV. Pregnancy- and childbirth-related complications are one of the leading causes of death among girls 15-18. Young people’s access to reproductive health services is constrained by a whole range of factors ranging from cultural to logistical. The RHSC focuses especially on increasing access to safe, affordable contraceptives. We need to ensure that young people can make informed choices leading to the effective use of contraceptive methods and high-quality maternal health supplies at affordable prices.

The Youth group aims to increase access to RH supplies by making available research and data on youth contraceptives and other maternal health supplies needs, and also to strengthen young people’s engagement and participation within the Coalition.

Youth Caucus Key messages

The following key messages can be used to advocate for political and financial support at national and international level for young people to acquire accurate information around sexual and (SRHR) and rights supporting them to access modern contraceptive methods of their choice.

Supply Fellows Scheme

This project aims to create a fellows scheme whereby both seasoned and young members of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) are able to share experiences and expertise on increasing access to contraceptives for young people and nurture and involve the next generation of young leaders in reproductive health supplies during the RHSC GMM meeting in Brussels in March 2018.


Youth Flashmob makes waves at Women Deliver

Just minutes before the closing ceremony at Women Deliver 2016, nearly 50 young people from around the world came together in a rousing dance routine, wearing bright yellow T-shirts that asked: “Which part of My Right to Contraception do you not understand?”



Fsahat Ul Hassan

Chair, Youth Advocacy Network (YAN)

Génesis Luigi

Independent consultant on SRHR and Women Deliver Alumna (2016)

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