Bespoke data offer front row visibility into supply needs and costs

22nd March 2022

Last September, the RHSC launched the LEAP Analysis to assess the growth in demand for supplies in family planning, maternal health, safe abortion, and menstrual hygiene – and the costs that will likely be required to meet that...

In Malawi, upstream and downstream converge under the VAN

15th March 2022

This month, Malawi became the second country to link its national electronic management information system or “eLMIS” to the VAN – a key program priority under the “Movement” arm of the RHSC’s new 3M workplan.

Category: Global FP VAN

Latin America poised to boost Last Mile operations

10th March 2022

A new feature of the SEPREMI business intelligence platform has now made it possible for health authorities from across Latin America to assess the effectiveness of their supply chains and, in the process, identify both...

Category: ForoLAC

How the audacity of Hope took on Uganda’s supply chains

9th March 2022

When LAPTOP Scholar Hope Fortunate Achiro applied for the post of Chief Quality Control Officer at Uganda’s National Medical Stores, some thought she was too young, and rather audaciously ambitious. Read here how she countered...

New resources on quality standards for menstrual products

2nd March 2022

DevSolutions has completed a review of quality standards for disposable and reusable menstrual pads in low- and middle-income countries. They found that while standards exist across much of Africa, the same is not true for South...

Category: New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus

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