Supply Fellows Initiative, Accra, Ghana 2023

11th December 2023

The RHSC hosted its third iteration of the Supply Fellows Initiative at the 2023 General Membership Meeting (GMM) in Accra, Ghana. Twelve veteran members of the Coalition were paired with 12 early career professionals to learn from one another and navigate the GMM together. Unlike traditional mentorship programs, the Supply Fellows Initiative emphasizes the importance of the two-way learning that takes place between the veteran and early career Fellows.

At the Supply Fellows Career Session, Milka Dinev, veteran Supply Fellow and Regions Manager with the RHSC, shared the numerous key learnings she had gained through working with colleague Ximena Armendariz, Early Career Supply Fellow and Program Officer with the RHSC.

I have been the implementer and I tend to jump into things and start implementing right away, and Ximena reminds me of the importance of documenting things the proper way. Additionally, coming from a digital generation, she has taught me how to navigate technology more efficiently and intuitively. People may expect the younger colleague to be the learner, but Ximena and I have both learned so much from one another.”

More than 80 percent of Supply Fellows participants surveyed confirmed having met with their Fellow at least twice during the event and more than half of the survey participants have been in contact with their Fellow following the GMM. All survey respondents felt that being a part of the Supply Fellows Initiative brought extra value to their presence at the GMM, and all respondents also reported having gained valuable global contacts that they would not have otherwise made as a concrete outcome from the program. 

There was a clear desire from survey participants for continued engagement beyond the GMM event with the majority of survey participants already having been in contact with their Fellow or planning to do so soon. A new LinkedIn group has been formed by the RHSC that will create a space for early career and experienced professionals to gather and share in learnings. Alumni of previous Fellowships (2018, Brussels and 2019, Kathmandu) have been welcomed into the group.

Category: General Membership Meetings

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