Head in the Cloud: new tech partner to support FP supply chain data visibility platform

11th June 2018

E2open has been selected to provide the technology to support the Global FP VAN (Family Planning Visibility and Analytics Network) virtual collaborative platform. SaaS provider E2open works to enable the largest and most complex supply chains to better plan, execute and collaborate. Using Global FP VAN, family planning (FP) supply chain players, from procurers to national warehouse managers, will be able to see the same data and make supply chain decisions together.

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CGA2018: What Next?

8th June 2018

Demand for contraceptive supplies is growing, but donor financing for supplies appears certain to decline.

“We’ll meet again,” say participants of inaugural Supply Fellows Scheme

25th April 2018

Twelve seasoned RH supplies professionals were paired off with 12 younger members of the community at the recently-ended RHSC General Membership Meeting in Brussels. Calling on the Coalition’s unique principle that any single member is only “one degree of separation” (i.e. an introduction) away from any other member, the scheme was designed to allow each pair of Fellows to learn from one another and navigate the meeting together.

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How the Coalition adds value with its webinars

10th March 2018

Our most recent webinar, Access to RH Supplies in Humanitarian Settings, drew more than 200 registrations. Thirteen probing questions emerged in the Q&A session, which presenters were able to address after the webinar had ended...

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