Quality data over the years: The story of the RHInterchange

22nd May 2020

In the face of supply chain disruptions resulting from the current COVID-19 pandemic, the family planning community has turned to RHSC’s data sources for more clarity. The Global FP VAN, for example, provides insight into product flows and also the relative risk of supply chain disruptions. The VAN’s public-access dashboards — RHViz — allow the analysis of $2.17 billion worth of contraceptive orders and shipments. The recent inauguration of RHViz embodies a principle of data sharing and a collaborative spirit which take their inspiration from the very creation of the RHSC.

For more than a decade, Coalition partners have worked together to forge innovative tools the community needs to understand the reproductive health supplies market better and make informed decisions. One of the earliest such tools was the groundbreaking RHInterchange, born of the vision of a few key stakeholders whose spirit and ethos inform much of what we see in the VAN. Today, we speak to a few RHInterchange stalwarts who helped shape RHSC’s role in data provision over the years. They identify the unique collaborative ethos that has stood the RHSC in good stead for nearly two decades.

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