Reproductive Health Supplies Visualizer (RH Viz)

The Reproductive Health Supplies Visualizer, or RH Viz, is a series of public-facing dashboards designed to help the RH community see stories in our RH data like never before.  How?  After more than a decade of managing tools to increase visibility into supply chains, we’ve cracked the data mapping code, allowing us to integrate and aggregate supply chain inventory, order and shipment data.  This data mapping forms the foundation of the Global FP VAN, which will now serve as the RH community’s shared data hub for supply chain decision-making. Though direct access to the Global FP VAN platform is limited to authorized supply chain players, RH Viz is public-facing and maps historical procurement data with live procurer shipment data from the Global FP VAN. This connection and link ensure that the dashboard data stays updated, and that relevant information is accessible and usable by the RH community.

For now, the data in RH Viz comes from (1) historical RHInterchange (RHI) data, and (2) new procurer shipments from the Global FP VAN.  The combination of this data in RH Viz offers rich insight.  So, jump in!  Find your story.  And share it.  It’s as easy as that.

How can RH Viz help you?

You can tailor the shipment data that you see by selecting the countries, funders, contraceptive methods and the timeframe that you are interested in. Use the data for trend analysis, country and funder comparisons, planning, and to answer questions such as

  • What is the value or quantity of contraceptives shipped to countries?
  • How have shipment values and quantities changed over time?
  • Which funders are providing contraceptives in which countries?
  • How does the method mix differ across countries and over time?

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If you experience problems with the site, or you would like to provide feedback on any aspect of the dashboards, you can do so here.

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