Klaus Brill represents manufacturers on Executive Committee

22nd May 2017

The Coalition is delighted to announce that Mr. Klaus Brill, the Vice President of Global HealthCare Programs at Bayer AG in Berlin, was recently elected and confirmed as the first Manufacturers’ Representative on the RHSC...

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Who is Holding Up Our Pillars: Nora Quesada

16th December 2015

When Nora Quesada began her career working for a coal-mining project in northern Colombia, reproductive health was far from her mind. But it was there where she saw the impact community-based approaches could have on the lives of vulnerable populations. And it was there where she chose to dedicate her knowledge and skills to those who needed them most: the forgotten, the invisible, and the marginalized.

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Who's Holding Up our Pillars: Christian Connections for International Health

27th October 2015

When it was first formed in 1987, Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) had a unique goal: that of advancing global health from a Christian perspective. Soon enough, their members realized that maternal and child health is closely dependent on women having access to family planning services and supplies.

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Who's Holding up Our Pillars: Teaching choice through entertainment

20th July 2015

How to use the power and attraction of TV, radio and website entertainment to educate on reproductive health issues? William Ryerson tackled this big question in 1998 when he started Population Media Center (PMC), a nonprofit, international nongovernmental organization, specialized in creating serialized dramas for TV, radio and web.

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Uganda: ending supply of 'noisy' female condoms not good enough - activists

12th June 2007

In this article activists explains some of the debates and issues around female and male condom prevalence in Uganda.

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