Improving supply chain efficiency: A rapid tool for estimating costs and testing new supply chain designs


Supply chains are critical to the success of any reproductive health (RH) program. They are also expensive to operate, and a more efficiently-run supply chain can free up significant funding for direct client-focused services. However, identifying more efficient supply chain designs is often a challenging process and can require significant investments in data collection and modeling. Many programs lack the time, resources, or data to pursue an intensive supply chain re-design.

To address this challenge, the William Davidson Institute and VillageReach have developed a light-touch, Excel-based modeling tool to help RH program leaders quickly estimate their supply chain costs, and evaluate different scenarios for improving supply chain efficiency.  We believe this tool can help enable leaders to drive supply chain innovation and make design decisions even in environments where time, data and resources may be limited.

In this webinar we discuss key details of the Rapid Supply Chain Modeling Tool and explore the types of use cases it can address. We also conduct a live demonstration, using the tool to build and analyze an example supply chain design scenario.


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