Supply Network Design

Institute for Supply Management

Supply networks are as complex and diverse as the companies they serve. Many companies have grown their network in a supplier universe where M&As are common. Thus, supply networks have grown organically over time, and their designs can be difficult to describe beyond terms like “complex” or “diverse.” This ISM supply management course is designed to help companies design their supply networks to meet the needs of the business and align with business strategy now and into the future.

Course Objectives:

  • Supply Networks: Understand how supply networks are more than the physical location of suppliers.
  • Fisher Framework: Learn to define the supply network as innovative, functional, responsive and efficient.
  • Additional Drivers of Supply Network Design: Learn to apply the impact of additional drivers on supply chain design.
  • Total Cost Thinking: Understand how the total cost of the supply network will always be a primary driver of design.

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