Webinar: New Youth FP Policy Scorecard

16th June 2017

There are 3.5 billion people in the world under 30, but age-based restrictions, financial dependency, and social stigma around sex conspire to make reproductive health commodities and services less accessible to them. A limited evidence base has hampered systematic assessment and mapping of the key policies that govern young people’s ability to access family planning (FP) information, services, and commodities. To map the environment that young people live in, the Youth Family Planning Policy Scorecard was created by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) to measure and compare sixteen countries’ youth FP policies.

A webinar hosted by PRB, the RHSC Youth Caucus and FB2020 provides a brief overview of the purpose and findings, share examples of how the scorecard is being used, and examine how evidence on youth policies can contribute to future advocacy opportunities.

Category: Webinars

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