USAID shares rationale on bundling

11th September 2015

At the Coalition’s “Procurers’ and Manufacturers’ Summit” in New York on August 17th 2015, USAID shared its rationale on why and how the bundling of DMPA with syringes and safety boxes became the product of choice for its programs.  The bundle consists of the following components:

  1.  400 single-dose vials of DMP
  2. 400 empty auto-disposable syringes
  3. Four polysafe safety box sharps containers

The inclusion of the syringes and safety boxes in the shipping carton with the DMPA vials serves two critical program objectives. The bundling of these products was done at the request of the USAID Administrator in 2002 in an effort to strengthen the Safe Injection Initiative.  Additionally, many programs reported patients were unable to receive injections due to lack of syringes at clinics.  Over the past 13 years, the product bundle has become the standard for USAID supported programs as it accomplishes both goals of safe injection and ensuring syringe availability.  USAID is committed to creating a strong and healthy market for DMPA, and the inclusion of WHO pre-qualified vendors is a critical next step to ensuring a competitive and secure supply.  USAID welcomes the opportunity to engage and discuss with vendors their challenges and solutions to bundling and becoming a regular supplier to USAID.


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