Uganda civil society makes recommendations on HSS

28th January 2011

A new report, entitled “Civil Society Organisations’ Perspectives and Priorities on Health Sector Performance FY 2009-2010” was launched November 23rd, 2010, at Uganda’s National Health Assembly/Joint Review Mission (JRM). The JRM is the annual health sector review meeting held by Uganda’s Ministry of Health for its national staff, district counterparts, international development partners, health professionals and civil society representatives.

The report includes recommendations on broad issues of health systems strengthening as well as specific recommendations for improving the Uganda Minimum Healthcare Package, especially in the areas of mental health, malaria, HIV/AIDS, family planning, maternal and child health, as well as stigma and discrimination in the health sector. The objective of the report is to illustrate priorities and document perspectives from civil society organisations (CSOs) on the performance of the health sector and outline key recommendations. Recommendations include ensuring the continuous availability of medicines, health commodities, and equipment for patients and health workers alike. The funds, infrastructure and capacity to manage drugs and supplies in health centres and hospitals throughout the country must be a central component to all other MoH efforts.

For more information on this report, please contact Sandra Kiapi, Executive Director of Action Group for Health, Human Rights, and HIV/AIDS.  Read a full press statement here.

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