Total Market Approaches meeting in Nicaragua

22nd November 2010

In September 2010, PATH’s Enhancing Equity and Sustainability of Public Sector Family Planning project organized a stakeholder meeting in Nicaragua to disseminate the results of a stakeholder analysis. The analysis identified key players in the family planning environment and confirmed that a range of stakeholders support the principles of implementing a total market approach in their country.

In Nicaragua, opportunities to develop public-private partnerships include building on and expanding existing governmental frameworks, such as the current coordination mechanism for contraceptive security (DAIA). Obstacles include inconsistent government engagement with the commercial sector and confusion about regulations for their involvement. The results of the analysis led the government to expand membership of the DAIA committee by incorporating additional NGOs. Additionally, the results of the analysis led to recognition of the need for improved coordination among the key players in Nicaragua’s family planning network, namely UNFPA, PASMO, and USAID|DELIVER. Senior government officials called for a national campaign to increase awareness of the family planning methods available in the public sector, and also acknowledged the need to design a communications plan between DAIA and interested stakeholders and improve access to family planning services for adolescents. A rapid survey conducted during the meeting indicated clear interest among all participants in engaging more actively with the DAIA committee.

Next steps will include the formation of a private sector working group as part of the DAIA and research to collect information on user preferences. For further information about the stakeholder analysis or results of the meeting, please contact Janet Vail, Project Director, or Yann Lacayo, Nicaragua Project Officer.

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