The human and economic impacts of stock-outs

4th August 2009

A new study, The Human and Economic Impact of Reproductive Health Supplies Shortages and Stock-outs in Bangladesh, conducted by the Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB), in collaboration with the Human Development Research Center, assesses the human and economic impacts of stock-outs over a one year period. This research, supported by Project Resource Mobilization and Awareness (Project RMA), is the first to assess the economic consequences of stock-outs of reproductive health supplies.

Researchers examined the effects of public sector stock-outs of pills, condoms, and injectables between March 2008 and February 2009. Initial findings suggest that approximately 159,800 unintended pregnancies resulted nationwide due to the supplies shortages. Approximately 47,000, or 29%, of these pregnancies resulted in additional child birth.

The full report has been finalized and is now available here. Please contact Sarah Shaw of IPPF for more information.

News coverage of the dissemination seminar can be found at the following links:

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