The conference through the “Supply Lens”

22nd October 2018

RHSC and partners will apply the Supply Lens to family planning and reproductive health in a number of sessions at the upcoming ICFP2018 conference in Kigali, Rwanda. The RHSC exhibition booth (number 68) will offer an at-a-glance overview of cutting-edge RH advancements and a special interactive tour of the Global FPVAN (Family Planning Visibility and Analytics Network).


Her Health, Her Family: Collective Innovations in Family Planning & Integrated Healthcare Delivery

13:25, Room: MH3

Lunchtime panel exploring the importance of innovation and public-private partnerships in increasing access to family planning services for women in under-resourced settings.

Improving FP outcomes: exploring four supply chain interventions that have supported success in Rwanda

14:35, Room: MH1 

This panel aims to share Rwanda’s best practices and the contribution of a supply chain management system in improving FP uptake. 


Advocacy Toolkit Knowledge Cafe session for youth delegates

10:00, Room: Youth Lounge

Access-to-Use: What we know about contraceptive supply dynamics that underlie use

10:25, Room: AD1

This session will present data and analyses that reveal important supply-access-quality-use dynamics that can inform policies and programs in the countries of focus – and can be adapted in other countries for the benefit of policy leaders and program managers.  It will also provide insights into new facility survey methodologies that can inform other survey research programs.

The A, B, C, and DMPA-SC of expanding contraceptive access and options

19:00, Room MH2

Reception and information tables, followed by a moderated round-table and Q&A.


Addressing contraceptive gaps for marginalized populations in Rwanda

10:25, Room: MH4

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See: The Global Family Planning Visibility and Analytics Network (Global FP VAN) and Contraceptive Commodity Security

11:55, Room: MH 1

Performed panel about the Global FP VAN


Bridging the Divide: Improving SRH Supply Chains from Emergencies to Development

09:00, Kigali Marriott

Come Say Hello

Come visit RHSC at our exhibition booth Number #68 (Next to Pfizer) at the Kigali Convention Center. We’ll be there Tuesday-Friday during booth hours (9:00-18:00). Learn more about the supplies lens and interact with our tablets to find out about the Global FP VAN (Family Planning Visibility and Analytics Netowrk).

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