Systems Strengthening/Resource Mobilisation and Awareness WGs collaborate

1st September 2007

To better capture countries' RH supply situations and assess their progress in achieving commodity security, the SSWG and RMAWG are working to make better use of existing studies and sources of data. Ready access to this information could improve communication and decision making among key stakeholders. As a first step in constructing a "one stop" compilation of data and other resources, the RHInterchange Project, together with the RMA Project and Coalition Secretariat, is hiring a consultant who will update and expand a supplies-related resource list. With input from likely users, the consultant will determine how best to access the list on the new RHSC website; and plan for its maintenance, continued applicability, and further long-term development. Meanwhile, the "Countries at Risk" group met by teleconference on 28th February. The group focused their discussion on Kenya - where the country is facing a shortfall of over $6 million to procure supplies for use later this year.

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September 2007, RHSC

Categories: Systems Strengthening Working Group, Advocacy and Accountability Working Group

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