SSWG calls for paradigm shift in public health systems

16th July 2014

A new paper, co-authored by leaders in the field of RH supplies, aims to mobilize decision-makers to rethink the way public health systems are managed.  A Business Approach to Transforming Public Health Systems exhorts public health leaders to take a more business-like approach—and to ask themselves “Is what we have today working as well as it needs to, and will it work for tomorrow?” Published under the auspices of the SSWG and co-authored by Alan Bornbusch (USAID), Todd Dickens (PATH), Carolyn Hart (JSI) and Chris Wright (JSI), the paper guides thinking with a view as to what the global health landscape will look like in the year 2035. This longer-term vision requires a hard look at the supply systems of today—how well are today’s supply systems equipped to take advantage of future opportunities and to meet future challenges? For more information and guidance on how to use this resource, contact the Coalition’s Stockouts Officer Ellen Tompsett.

Category: Systems Strengthening Working Group

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