Single-rod implant now more affordable to the world’s poorest countries

20th May 2013

This month, the reproductive health community saw another dramatic development in the global effort to improve access to affordable contraception in the world’s poorest countries. On 2 May 2013, Merck MSD signed an agreement with public and private sector partners that will see the cost of IMPLANON® and its next generation implant, IMPLANON NXT®, drop by approximately 50 percent over the next six years. The reduction applies to all countries identified at the July 2012 London Family Planning Summit as having annual incomes per capita of US$2,500 or less.
We celebrate this move by Merck -- and indeed the work of all our manufacturing members, northern and southern -- to increase women’s access to affordable contraception. The last two years have witnessed notable price reductions and greater market competition as more and more manufacturers receive WHO Prequalification or ERP qualification, or achieve GMP status. The Coalition will continue to offer our partners the convening space they seek to exchange ideas and make commitments with one aim in mind: contraceptive access for all. Read Merck’s full release.

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