Shortage of condoms in Ghana

15th July 2013

A shortage of condoms on the Ghanaian market has prompted the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to donate some 20 million condoms to the Ministry of Health (MOH) here.

This comes on the heels of the recall of about 126 million Chinese-made condoms from the Ghanaian market because they had microscopic holes identified by the Food and Drugs Authority and Health Ministry officials in April this year.

The recalled defective condoms came in a silver and white package with a red AIDS ribbon and the words "BE SAFE" written on them. In April, the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority said all imported condoms were supposed to be inspected prior to being distributed but for unexplained reason the condoms in question were not examined.

The USAID donation is the third time in five years that the US has sent emergency supplies of condoms to Ghana to avoid a national run-out of stockouts of high-quality affordable condoms. The 20 million condoms, valued at about US600,000, are expected to meet requirements for the next six months and ensure that there is no disruption to the country's reproductive health and HIV prevention efforts.

In a handing over ceremony here Wednesday, the outgoing USAID Mission Director in Ghana, Cheryl Anderson, encouraged the Ministry of Health to work on a long-term plan to put commodity security high on its development agenda.

She also urged the Ministry to implement its recently developed Supply Chain Master Plan, which was designed to improve the management and quality of health sector commodities in Ghana.

The supply chain master plan was recently approved by stakeholders and is expected to enhance supply chain activity coordination, systematic and transparent logistics systems and IT infrastructure, to improve commodity storage, distribution, monitoring and reporting.

Health Minister Sherry Ayittey confirmed the long-established assistance from the US government in the areas of tuberculosis, malnutrition and family planning and noted that they were all geared to help Ghana achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Source: BERNAMA (Malaysian National News Agency). Click here for the article on line.

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