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1st October 2007

The RMA WG met on the first evening of the membership meeting to review partner activities and the three areas of Project RMA-at global (PAI), regional (DSW) and national (IPPF) level. They discussed efforts to integrate sexual and RH rights into Global Fund proposals, the NGO advocacy sub-grant proposals and the next steps for the newly presented advocacy toolkit. Project RMA members PAI, DSW and IPPF also held an internal meeting on October 26.

Project RMA Global

The first Annual Global Civil Society meeting for RH supplies advocates will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the week of January 14-18, 2008. This meeting will bring together a diverse group of NGO networks engaged in RH supplies advocacy to share information, explore collaboration and learn about the ever-changing global landscape of RH supplies advocacy.

Project RMA Regional

The first regional meeting in Kampala, Uganda will take place from December 3-6. Participants will include the Minister of Health from Burundi and representatives from corresponding ministries in Kenya and Ethiopia, as well as representatives from regional bodies and the Hewlett Foundation, Global Health Action and Family Health International. The meeting aims to fortify regional networks in Africa and lay the foundation for South-South exchange partnerships.

Project RMA National

IPPF has hired a Resource Mobilization and Awareness Officer, Sarah Shaw, to coordinate national-level efforts under Project RMA. Sarah, who has been with IPPF for four years, will support the establishment of national advocacy networks, provide them with ongoing assistance, and help synergize the national, regional, and global elements of Project RMA.

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October 2007, RHSC

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