RHSC-SEMA MOU heralds strategic partnership

22nd May 2023

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between RHSC and the SEMA Reproductive Health partnership signals a significant development within the reproductive health supplies ecosystem. SEMA, which also recently became a member of both the RHSC and the VAN, was initiated last year to strengthen country and global partners’ capacity to build healthy, equitable, and sustainable SRH markets. The MOU heralds a collaborative partnership working to increase commodity access and improve the use of market data. SEMA’s membership of the RHSC affords it access to a platform of nearly 500 members of the RHSC’s Market Development Approaches Working Group, as well as all the RHSC’s other Implementing Mechanisms, while its ‘Network Player’ VAN membership will allow SEMA to leverage the VAN’s network and data.

“Committed partnerships based on trust, goodwill, and a shared mission are crucially important when addressing market challenges in an increasingly complex ecosystem,” said RHSC Director Martyn Smith. “We look forward to embarking on this promising and fruitful collaboration.”

SEMA's Executive Director, Blair Hanewall, expressed excitement about the new partnership, emphasizing that collaborative approaches would yield more effective and prompt outcomes. “By working together, we can help identify market challenges and drive collective action to ensure barriers like quality, price, and supply do not get in the way of improving the lives of women and girls, communities, and local economies,” she said.

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