RHSC and JSI launch new effort to build roadmap for action

28th July 2020

Supply chain resilience and survival are at the heart of many ongoing debates within the SRH supplies community. Will the new normal ever be like the old? Should we shore up the global systems that have served us well? Or do we focus energies on addressing the immediate challenges of today? Whatever our viewpoints, the road ahead will only become clear once we’ve dug deeper, and prioritized the constraints that impede movement of products from manufacturer to the last mile. To that end, the RHSC with support from JSI is engaging the wider SRH community in a rapid assessment of supply chain complexities. The aim is to develop a “Roadmap” for building resilient public health supply chains during COVID-19 and beyond. It will help foster more agile supply chains that promote rapid demand sensing; mitigate the risk of future supply chain disruption; and reduce the inefficiencies created by funding cycles and policies. For more information, contact Leslie Patykewich at JSI.

Category: COVID-19

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