Registration open for the General Membership Meeting in Brussels, 2018

20th December 2017

Registration is now open to all members for the 18th RHSC General Membership Meeting. The event will take place in Brussels, Belgium from 20 to 22 of March 2018. 

Keeping the Spirit of Dakar

The decision to meet in West Africa was strategic and intentional – planned especially to reflect our deep commitment to the region. Despite the unfortunate cancellation of our meeting in Dakar, this commitment remains undiminished. Francophone Africa and its priorities remain a key focus of the meeting’s agenda, and we encourage a strong regional participation from our members.

Why Brussels?

Brussels is the headquarters of the Coalition’s Secretariat, allowing our team to prepare for the upcoming meeting expediently, and at short notice. Brussels is at a confluence of voices in healthcare, rights, and financing for development. A city with a strong francophone infrastructure, Brussels also affords a network of logistical and linguistic resources, invaluable in our expedited meeting planning process.

What’s different?

As you start the registration process, you will notice that the meeting spans three days of sessions instead of the original five. The cost of cancelling a large meeting at short notice is punishing and we have had to respond both creatively and prudently. I assure you, however, that this will not compromise the richness and diversity of the meeting; on the contrary, I trust it may even make for a more streamlined and efficient event. While the IM agendas will reflect the condensed duration, the plenary agenda will remain largely unchanged. The parallel sessions and Innovations Expo are planned to take place exactly as planned in Dakar.

What to do now?

Even if you registered to attend the Dakar meeting, you will need to register once again to attend the conference in Brussels. Check out the meeting landing page for the agenda. Please register here before 13 February 2018. If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact our conference organizer, AIM International, at For any other questions regarding the meeting, please send a message to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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