Procurement Capacity Toolkit now available

4th December 2009

Coalition member PATH has just completed the second version of the Procurement Capacity Toolkit. This toolkit  is intended to bring together existing resources in a manageable framework and aims to fill major gaps in the body of materials available to those responsible for and involved in RH product supply. As such, the Toolkit targets both personnel with a background in the procurement process as well as those with experience in public health/program planning. In broad terms, the Toolkit: 

  • Is intended for country-level use.
  • Stands alone or can be used as part of a training.
  • Addresses all three phases of the RH supply process: program planning, the procurement process, and contract performance.
  • Provides training tools that can be adapted to a specific country setting.
  • Focuses on strengthening good procurement practices, particularly for RH supplies.
  • Addresses known problems in procurement at the country level.
  • Provides the user with current information on product specifications, manufacturer prequalification, and various procurement mechanisms.
  • Provides tools and techniques for assessment, monitoring, and performance evaluation to allow for continuous improvement of the procurement process.

PATH has evaluated the Toolkit by working extensively with public-sector procurement staff in Malawi and Zambia. They have incorporated lessons learned into the final version of the Procurement Capacity Toolkit, which is now available for widespread distribution. Please contact Keith Neroutsos or Matt Havlik with questions.

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