Panel at Women Deliver explores market shaping from different angles

19th June 2013

A Coalition-moderated session at the Kuala Lumpur Women Deliver conference provided an overview of the market shaping arena, unpack what is understood by the term “market shaping” and share how different players are working to address barriers that impede affordability, quality, and secure supply of contraceptive choices.

  • Coalition Director John Skibiak introduced the session by arguing that market shaping is, at its core, about  choice, equity and sustainable health outcomes.
  • Denise Harrison from USAID stressed the need for quality, routine market data for Sub-Saharan African countries and explored the idea of branding as a way to bridge a woman’s move from the public to private sector.
  • Hema Srinivasan from the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) shared how CHAI was able to achieve lower prices by leveraging the financial assets of key donors to minimize the unpredictability of the marketplace. 
  • Klaus Brill from Bayer Healthcare  provided an overview of the Jadelle Access Program and ensuing training programme for healthcare providers
  • Venkatesh Iyer from FamyCare spoke on barriers discouraging manufacturers from participating in global efforts to ensure quality, including the impact of uncertainty over procurement and funding flows.
  • Lembit Rägo shared how WHO is facilitating quality assurance in order to help increase market competition and help ensure sustainable supply and more affordable pricing.

An important announcement followed the panel presentations: the Concept Foundation announced that the Coalition’s newly-formed working group, the Generic Manufacturers (GEM) Caucus for Reproductive Health, will work to expand the availability of quality, affordable and safe reproductive health products and. The GEM Caucus, comprised of seven select generic pharmaceutical companies, will support the Coalition in its focused initiatives to shape markets, reduce stockouts and help countries fulfill their RH commitments. Read more about this announcement  here.

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