Opportunity to contribute to future WHO research

24th August 2011

The Promoting Family Planning Team (PFP) of the Department of Reproductive Health and Research (RHR) of the World Health Organization (WHO), is conducting an online activity to identify relevant and important topics on family planning research, including contraceptive technology and safety, social science issues such as improving access, removing barriers and increasing acceptability of existing contraceptives and new innovations in the field. The topics identified will be used to prioritize future research in this area.

WHO would appreciate your input to this activity. Please send a list of the current gaps in knowledge on the above-mentioned areas in family planning research. Please send your inputs via email to Moazzam Ali, WHO epidemiologist, preferably by 31 August.

As an initial step in the process, the Family Planning Research Agenda Setting and Prioritization Group will use your contributions in developing a research agenda to develop new knowledge and its application to improve family planning services. It will be useful to have insight into the ranking of the research questions by outside agencies, donors and other stakeholders and have them engaged as a group in the definition of priorities. The highest ranked priorities will help WHO focus attention on areas and topics that will be most likely to meet with donor support, thus allowing faster implementation of studies.

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