New resource on RH funding

26th April 2011

Sexual and reproductive health are wise uses of development dollars, but donors and governments can do more to increase funding and maximize its impact. A new policy and issue brief from Coalition member Population Action International provides an overview of funding needs and flows for sexual and reproductive health,  including a data insert with specific information on each donor.

The brief is intended to help build support for increased and improved funding for reproductive health. The international community has repeatedly recognized the importance of achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health, with reinvigorated efforts in 2010. Although sexual and reproductive health is a smart investment, funding falls far short of needs. Widespread access to reproductive health—including family planning and maternal health services and supplies—is long overdue. It is essential that donors and governments increase budgets for reproductive health to build on progress that countries have made since the ICPD. Now is the time to turn commitments into action, and make universal access a reality.

For any questions or comments, please contact Suzanna Dennis.  Visit PAI’s website to learn more about its Financing Initiative.

Categories: Featured, Advocacy and Accountability Working Group

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