New Policy Document is a Blueprint for Change

10th July 2012

The Family Planning Summit (2012) in London lays the groundwork for policy commitment and change at the highest level in countries; such commitment and change will boost the operating environment for family planning services. Civil society is uniquely advantaged: it has the leverage to sustain political commitment through accountability mechanisms. It can also support policy change through targeted action.

A new document produced by the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition’s Resource Mobilization and Advocacy Working Group (RMA WG) harnesses the vision and input of some of the world’s poorest countries. Family Planning Access for All is a policy document reflecting the collective experience of more than 150 partners from 26 countries  who identify the policy changes likely to make the biggest positive impact on unmet need for family planning. This informative document is directed at the wide spectrum of stakeholders involved in improving access to family planning; it serves as a catalyst for further discussions during and after the Family Planning Summit and an anchor for future targeted action at the country level. The authors very much welcome additional comments and suggestions, which can be sent to

The RMA WG contributes to reproductive health commodity security by engaging civil society, building partnerships with key stakeholders, raising awareness of reproductive health supply issues, mobilizing resources, increasing global, regional and country leadership and driving policy change.

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