New contraceptive security toolkit available

14th July 2010

A new set of seven Population Reference Bureau (PRB) policy briefs—collectively Contraceptive Security: A Toolkit for Policy Audiences—is designed to introduce the key elements of contraceptive security and provide field-based experiences to illustrate policy and programmatic advances.

The set of policy briefs is meant to provide policymakers, program managers, advocates, and the media with basic information about achieving contraceptive security. It includes six briefs that address specific topics related to contraceptive security and an overview. Each brief includes key messages and supporting information, country-based experiences, and next steps for policy audiences to advance the policy and programmatic issue covered in the brief.

  • Contraceptive Security For Policy Audiences: An Overview
  • Planning for Contraceptive Security: Start With SPARHCS
  • Financing Contraceptives: A New Funding Environment
  • Procuring Contraceptives: Options for Countries
  • Policy Environment: Understanding the Context for Contraceptive Security
  • Supply Chain: Getting Contraceptives to Users
  • Priority Actions and Recommendations for Contraceptive Security

By sharing experiences and lessons learned, advocates and policymakers can better hone successful strategies to achieve contraceptive security.

Download the contents of the toolkit by clicking on the icon below:

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