New co-Chair for the Safe Abortion Supplies Workstream

12th September 2019

The Coalition’s New and Underused Reproductive Health Technologies (NURHT) Caucus and its Chair Saumya RamaRao welcome Florence Erb as new co-Chair of the Caucus’s Safe Abortion Supplies (SAS) Workstream. Florence serves as Programme Officer in Reproductive Health for the Concept Foundation. As co-Chair, she replaces Jennifer Blum, formerly of Gynuity Health Projects, and she now serves alongside fellow co-Chair Nathalie Kapp, MD, MPH, who is a Senior Advisor at Ipas. Jennifer and Nathalie have guided the SAS Workstream since its inception in 2018. NURHT Caucus and SAS Workstream members express their sincere thanks and appreciation to Jennifer for her guidance and contributions and look forward to the Workstream’s continued progress under the leadership of Nathalie and Florence.

Category: New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus

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