New brief offering an overview of menstrual product standards at a glance

29th September 2021

A new brief titled Menstrual Product Standards: A pathway to quality product access has been published (in English and Spanish) by the RHSC Menstrual Health Supplies Workstream Co-Chairs, Tanya Mahajan and Nancy Muller, to highlight the disproportionate access to quality menstrual health products in low- and middle-income countries. The brief is a call-to-action for manufacturers, government officials, and other key stakeholders calling for standardization categories in the manufacturing process; for the removal of current barriers to global product standards; and to leverage cross-sector engagement to tackle this inequity from all angles. Menstrual health educators, advocates, and decision-makers alike are encouraged to utilize this resource to structure and enhance the effectiveness of global menstrual health programs.

Category: New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus

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