New blog reveals how, by working together, we averted the worst of the UK’s 2021 funding cuts

10th December 2021

The UK government’s substantial funding cuts earlier this year set in motion a tailspin of ever-widening funding gaps across the reproductive health community. As this year comes to an end, we can take some relief in knowing that the worst of what could have happened was averted by the RH community having come together to increase levels of financial support, and by having targeted that support to the countries that needed it most. The RHSC was at the center of these efforts, tapping both its convening capacity and its ability to put to effective use, critical data sources, including some only available through the VAN. Today, millions of women around the world have access to supplies they almost didn’t get. This new blog details the trajectory of the collective effort and reveals how donors, manufacturers and other key stakeholders put the VAN’s data to effective use.  

Category: Global FP VAN

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