New 2023 scorecard and infographic speak to spectacular VAN impact

21st March 2024

Between 2020 and 2023, the VAN helped procurers mobilize and/or allocate more than $109 million in new orders for member countries, avoided waste by supporting at least $5.39 million worth of cancelled, postponed, and transferred orders, and helped expedite 98 orders to mitigate supply shortages. The newly released 2023 VAN scorecard and infographic share more metrics, reporting on the platform’s continual growth and impact, with 24 new member organizations in the last year, for a total of over 120 members. 

Since its launch in 2019, VAN users have completed a survey to track the progress and growth of the VAN over time. Data from the past year are compared with previous survey results to identify strengths and challenges for VAN users. 2023 survey results from more than 100 VAN users highlight the improved efficiency, cost savings, and data availability achieved by using the VAN.    

Reading the 2023 scorecard narrative and infographic side-by-side offers a snapshot view of how the VAN is helping the community work together to better address and prevent future stock imbalances and allocate limited health resources to reach more women with the right product at the right time.  

Category: Global FP VAN

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