Low cost implants?

24th June 2009

First introduced over 25 years ago, contraceptive implants are today a familiar component of most family programs.  Their use, however, has been constrained by a number of factors - not the least of which is their high unit cost.

In a new E-bulletin, USAID examines the benefits of a new implantable contraceptive, now available for up to 60 percent less than other implants currently on the market.  The newcomer, Sino-implant, is manufactured in China, consists of two rods, and is effective for up to 4 years. It is currently registered in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, and China, and undergoing registration in approximately 17 other countries.

The USAID E-bulletin looks at the implications of the new method on cost, quality, and programming. 

Access the E-bulletin here.

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