LEAP 2024 is out!

30th May 2024

The newest version of LEAP – the Landscape and Projection of Reproductive Health Supply Needs – is out today. LEAP 2024 can help you gauge:

  • what reproductive health (RH) services or supplies women use across four health areas:
    • contraception
    • menstrual health
    • abortion and postabortion care, and
    • maternal health
  • the quantity of supplies needed,
  • and the cost of these supplies.

With LEAP 2024, you can also pull current figures, and projections as far forward as 2035.

“The power to gauge future demand for RH supplies is perhaps more vital today than it has ever been before,” said RHSC Director Maryn Smith. “Facing a shifting funding landscape and hostile political climates, our community, now more than ever, needs to be able to anticipate women’s and girls’ demand for supplies to head off unmet need in the future. LEAP 2024 is launching at a critical time in RH supply history.”

What’s new in LEAP 2024?

Into its 24th year of providing data, LEAP (with its predecessor the Commodity Gap Analysis) builds user feedback into every new version. LEAP 2024 debuts:

  • A separate Gross National Income (GNI) comparison report comparing data from low-, lower-middle-, and upper-middle-income countries,
  • New future scenarios for contraception that explore what could happen with a shifting role of the public and private sectors,
  • A new category of “mixed” menstrual health product use, accounting for women who use both reusable and single-use products,
  • New data sources to better capture cost comparisons of medical abortions — differentiating misoprostol use from misoprostol combined with mifepristone, and
  • A more probing maternal health analysis asking what happens if more women use multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS), an emerging maternal health product.

What’s coming?

Later this year, new LEAP 2024 features will become available:

  • A Country/Regional Comparison Data Explorer that allows you to compare results across countries or regions.
  • A Product Deep Dive Data Explorer that allows you to explore the use and cost of a single product.
  • Annex tables of full results. 
  • Full datasets for download.

WEBINAR: Join us to walk through LEAP 2024

Let LEAP’s writers and technical leads show you how to get the best out of the platform and share key messages from the different health areas. Listen to a menstrual health expert from India explain why LEAP is a mainstay in her work. Ask your questions in a generous 30-minute Q&A session. Register now for this seminal webinar on 12 June 2024 at 09:00 Washington, DC / 15:00 Brussels / 18:30 Delhi.

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