Last mile delivery now available in Uganada

12th April 2011

As of 1 April 2011, Uganda's National Medical Stores (NMS) will deliver all public sector medical supplies to their final destination. Prior to 1 April, NMS was delivering supplies directly to national referral, regional referral, and district hospitals. Supplies for the lower health facilities were being delivered to the district headquarters for onward distribution by the District Health Officer (DHO).

It is hoped that Last Mile Delivery will solve the problem of late deliveries to lower health facilities and reduce stock-outs at those levels of care. The new system shall also relieve DHOs of the burden of engaging in distribution, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core duty – monitoring and supervision of health service delivery in their respective districts.

To read the article on how the new system will work, please click here.

Categories: Featured, Systems Strengthening Working Group

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