Key data and findings on contraceptive and maternal health commodities

9th April 2012

Coalition members and the broader family planning and maternal health communities came together in late 2011 and early 2012 to draft "pre-work" documents for the UN Commission on Life-saving Commodities for Women and Children. The document on family planning products, Key Data and Findings on Contraceptive Commodities for Women's Health, will inform members of the Commission's three working groups about each of the contraceptive commodites under consideration: female condoms, implants, and emergency contraception. The document on maternal health supplies, Key Data and Findings-Medicines for Maternal Health, will inform working group members about the three maternal health products under consideration: oxytocin, magnesium sulfate, and misoprostol.

The contraceptive commodities were chosen by the Commission after consultation with the Coalition, and were influenced by the Coalition's Caucus on New and Underused RH Technologies.

The Commission's working groups will begin meeting in May, and the Commissioners are expected to make their recommendations in September.

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